Shipping of live and dry products could be done separately. We will choose the best cost ratio depending on the product.

All of our live products are well suited for changing temperatures during shipping. We do not climate control any of our products. As said earlier all our orders will be shipped in the most cost effective manner to keep your costs down. We send orders out early in the week to prevent products from staying in storage over a weekend unless asked specifically otherwise. Don't hesitate to contact us for requests or questions. We also reserve the right to delay shipping in case of extreme weather or meteorological event. We cannot guarantee shipping times as Canada Post cannot guarantee their shipping times.

All shipments come with a tracking number that will be given to you when it is shipped.


We do not accept returns. Depending on the product, some can go into dormancy during low temperatures or oxygen phases and appear to be dead on arrival. Remove the bottle cap and let them at room/tank temperature for a while and they should regain their normal metabolism.

It is not unusual for a small percentage of product to die during shipping as we offer the entire mix of the life cycle of our live products from eggs to adults.


Refunds are only offered in the case of a lost package misplaced by Canada Post. Please allow refunds to be processed through Canada Post Insurance before being released.